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Company name: Jiaonan Hengxin Textile Machinery Factory
Company address: Mount Huangshan Industrial Park in Shandong city of Jiaonan Province
Tel: 0532-83121270
Mobile phone: 13505429088
Fax: 0532-83122988
Website: http://www.hengxinfj.com
About us
Jiaonan Hengxin textile machinery factory is the NationalTextile Bureau sentinel production of textile machineryProfessional Company, located in the famous China TextileMachinery City - Jiaonan Wangtaipu town. East and Qingdaoeconomic and Technological Development Zone and thetourism development zone adjacent, two, four road runs through the north and the south, the geographical position is superior, developed communication, transportation is very convenient. Company main products: A186F card, A186H card, A186Gcard, FA201 card, FA204 card, FA231 card, FN264cashmere slivering machine, FN271 type artificial fur carding machine, FN267 type cashmere slivering machines and othertextile machinery.
Company introduction of CNC technology and complete sets of advanced processing equipment, has decades ofexperience in manufacturing, textile machinery. With high quality products and perfect after sale service has won the domestic customers. Company general manager Wang Chengjin welcome customers to visit the guidance work